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Wage Subsidy Extension

Wage Subsidy Extension The government has announced an extension of a further 8 weeks to the 12 week COVID-19 wage subsidy already in place. Note - Applications can't be made until 10th of June. It is available if you are down or expect to be down 50% in revenue for the 30 days (or nearest period) prior to 10/6/20, compared with last year. We would expect the period of May this year would be a suitable substitute if you were not a cash-based business.  First step will be to look at your sales records for May 2019, or the period May 11 to June 9 so you have a benchmark. The announcement was made recently (14th May) and we expect there will be more details to come from the government, so we will send out further information as the details become clearer. Information on the Work and Income website's "COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Extension" page on 14 May 2020 states: A Wage Subsidy Extension payment will be available to support employers, including sole traders, who are