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ACC Update

ACC Invoicing delayed until October 2020 Invoices for the 2020/21 financial year would usually have been sent from 1 July but will now be issued in October. Other invoices issued throughout the year will also be on hold for three months. Payment options will be available once we send invoices. "We hope this will provide New Zealand businesses with some relief during the next few months. We want them to know that ACC will provide all the support and assistance we can during this challenging time," says Phil. We'll continue to track the impact that COVID-19 has on businesses. We'll make sure the most up to date information about our response and how we can assist, is on our website.

Paying the Minimum Wage during the subsidy period

Paying the Minimum Wage during the subsidy period  Employment NZ’s website  states that during the subsidy period, if an employee is not actually working, employers can choose to pay a minimum of 80% of an employee’s pre-COVID-19 income. So, for an employee on the minimum wage who isn’t working, employers could continue to pay them at 80% of last year’s minimum wage. The employee must be paid at the new minimum wage when they do start working again.