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More detail in NZ Companies Office annual returns

From 1 July, annual returns to the Companies Office must include extra information about company directors. Filing an annual return will remain a quick and easy process, but you will need to take the time to gather the following details: Date and place of birth for each director of the company you’re filing the annual return for (don’t worry – this information will not be publicly available). Details of an ultimate holding company, if applicable, including where the holding company is registered. (If you’re unsure what an ultimate holding company is, check the shares and shareholders section of the Companies Office website.) If this information is missing, the annual return will not be accepted and the company may be removed from the register. Remember, by 28 October 2015, all New Zealand incorporated companies must have at least one director who lives in New Zealand, or a director who lives in Australia and who is also a director of an Australian incorporated company. See