Safe Driving?

Lets celebrate the success of the long weekend's no fatal crashes on our roads! Well Done!

All businesses should have a safe driving policy - Why? Because it shows they are serious about their business, their people and it enhances their reputation.

I originally put the safe driving policy into the "two hard" basket, or the "I'll get to it when I can". Thanks to a basic policy that just needs a quick tweak from NZTA, I have now done a safe driving policy for Devine Accounting.

The document is easy to edit to suit your business needs. Most of the items the employers promises/promotes should be or already are being done (good car, regular maintenance, oil & tyre pressure maintained).

For the basic five page word document policy from NZTA, go to

It really is easy. Give it a go - too many lives are lost on our road as it is. Lets do something positive to address that.

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