Business Plans - Are they the blueprint for your business future?

The blue print for your business? That depends on whether you use them or if they are just a “once done, filed away, never to be seen again” document.

The key points to a business plan are:
  • a mission statement (describes the business, its goals and objectives)
  • marketing strategy (understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the business)
  • people plan ( understanding the people needed in the business, their skill sets and leadership styles)
  • financial budget (a forecast of where the business will be financially in a year’s time)
Don’t worry we are all guilty of the “once off never to be seen document” but the success of having a business plan comes from the action points/plan - a detailed list of tasks or work to be done, over a specific time frame, to achieve the goals of the business plan.

There are lots of business plan templates, so if you would like to write a business plan, call us to discuss using one of the templates and other tools we may have.

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